‘Growing hostility’ between student media and administrators

Censorship of student media is pervasive across the United States, despite the lack of substantial qualitative data to confirm a recent uptick in cases, media scholars and researchers say. Interviews with student journalists, media advisers and media law researchers found that they’ve been censored or have witnessed student media censorship either as a bystander or …

Charles Lewis

Investigative journalists play a key role in bringing corruption to light

From the Pentagon to Panama, with other major discoveries in between, investigative journalism has made major contributions in bringing to light what some would rather keep in the dark. Charles Lewis has seen the highs and lows of investigative journalism throughout his career. Now a journalism professor and executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop, Lewis sat down with F&D’s Andreas Adriano.

Americans more concerned about made-up news than climate change

False news stories outweigh melting ice caps, rising seas and soaring temperatures on many Americans’ list of threats facing the country, according to a report published today by the Pew Research Center. More Americans call “made-up news and information” a “very big problem” for the country than identify issues such as climate change, racism and …

Laura Sullivan and Rick Young

NPR’s Sullivan enjoys ‘digging down’

She uncovered the flaws behind the bail-bond system for a National Public Radio program “Bonding for Profit,” and spent a summer gutting fish in Alaska, so NPR correspondent Laura Sullivan is no stranger to investigative journalism or personal challenges. Her latest venture: the world of television documentaries as the PBS FRONTLINE correspondent for “Business of …